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White Pine

Town or Rural Area
White Pine is home to four of the county's most unique quilt squares. Pictured is the quilt square located in Downtown White Pine, symbolizing the "tall White Pine trees," in which the city received its namesake.

White Pine, Tennessee, originally named "Dandridge Crossing," was founded in 1915 after the construction of a railroad crossing was complete. The agricultural area grew slowly until the construction of the railroad was completed, at which time the town bloomed into life. That is until the most disastrous event in the town's history took place: the fire of April 1905 destroyed the entire downtown area. After reconstruction, however, White Pine grew into the beautiful town that it is today. Many families in White Pine are descendants of the founding pioneers. This ancestry has created a close bond between those families and the town they have grown to love so much.

If you're wondering how White Pine got it's name, a man named Esquire Richard White, who was needed to name the town's first post office, was sitting on the front porch of his log cabin and looked across the street, finding an unusually tall white pine tree. The name White Pine was written down on the government post office form; thus the town was named. Though the original White Pine tree was destroyed by lightning years ago, a monument and a new tree stand proudly where the old tree once stood.

With gorgeous mountain views, rolling hills, and a perfect location, White Pine is a wonderful place to live. Though White Pine is a small town, it is a very comfortable place to live. There are many things offered in White Pine such as an old-fashioned drug store, hardware, multiple banks, a post office, library, book stores, eateries, family-owned general stores, and much more. For the kids, the town is proud of it's newest addition: The Splash Pad. Open from 10 am to 8pm in the summer months, the Splash Pad is like a mini water park, centrally located, for the enjoyment of everyone! And if you are looking for a family event, try out "Movies in the Park"-just bring a picnic blanket and you're set to enjoy a family movie on a big screen. Movies in the Park is White Pine's way of reminiscing of old fashioned drive-in's!

If ever visiting White Pine, you'll want to check out the official Jefferson County Quilt Trails where you will find beautiful, symbolic paintings that remind us of our pioneer heritage. White Pine has so much to offer families and retirees alike. It has a beautiful history and an even better future on the horizon. Be sure to stop and visit for a while next time you're around!

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