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The Lily Pad Boutique

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Founded in 1978, The Lily Pad Boutique has become an icon for women in East Tennessee, but also for women from as far away as Chicago, New York, Atlanta and everywhere else in between. The Lily Pad Boutique has come to symbolize much more than just the area’s premier destination for women in search of the latest in designer fashions and trends. It also represents the vision and passion of its founder, Brenda Bryan.

The Lily Pad was launched 33 years ago at a time when women entrepreneurs were clearly in the minority. Brenda, whether she acknowledges it or not, has become a role model for other women-owned small businesses that today launch new start-ups at twice the rate of their male contemporaries. This month Everything Knoxville is privileged to interview The Lily Pad Boutique’s owner and founder, Brenda Bryan.

Everything Knoxville: What was your inspiration for The Lily Pad Boutique?

Brenda Bryan: My passion for fashion and for merchandising! Seeing a need in this area for moderate to better ladies wear, I trusted that gut feeling and ran with it. I’ve found true gratification in my chosen life path and try each day to pass along that joy to my customers in some small way… a great new product, a great deal now and then… a wonderful fit to make them look and feel better or a simple little thing like a smile and a warm greeting!

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Business Hours:
Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 5:30PM

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