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Tennessee River Gorge Sink Hole

Geologic Feature
Tennessee River Gorge Sink Hold – Henry Spratt

ADA Accessibility Notes

There is a wheelchair accessible boardwalk located at the Pot Point Cabin, which is operated by the Tennessee River Gorge Trust.

Layers of limestone throughout the the Tennessee River Gorge have dissolved and eroded to produce caves. Occasionally, the rocks above will collapse. Here a waterfall now falls into beautiful blue hole inside a sinkhole formed when a cave's roof collapsed.

Pet Friendly Notes

Hikers often walk with their dogs on trails through out the Tennessee River Gorge. Many of the trails are fairly steep, so the pets and their owners must be capable of fairly strenuous hiking.

Recreational Opportunities

Numerous trails located throughout the Tennessee River Gorge, allowing excellent opportunities to see beautiful natural sights.


Seasons Accessible

Located just outside the city limits of Chattanooga, TN, the Tennessee River Gorge is accessible from trails coming off the top of the Cumberland Plateau, or via roads that wind their way through the Gorge.

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