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Scruggs Bridge Fishing and Picnic Area

Fishing Area
Entrance Sign – James Gibson

ADA Accessibility Notes

For the most part, the fishing area is wheelchair accessible, as are the restrooms.

Scruggs Bridge carries trucks and traffic across the Tenn-Tom waterway in the vicinity of North Crossroads on Hwy 25, North of Iuka, Mississippi. It is an imposing structure, high above a delightful fishing and picnic park on either side of the waterway. On the North Side, we find a boat launch area protected by a rip-rap sea wall. A large parking lot and rest room facilities complete the package for fishermen exploring the nearby 'hot spots' for catfish, crappies and numerous other finned denizens of the deep.

The bridge was named by the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) in honor of the family that owned the land previous to the building of the waterway and bridge.

GeoCachers note: There is a GeoCache at Scruggs Bridge.

Best Access and Parking Areas

Boaters use the North park area and bank fishermen/picnickers use the south area. Both sites have rest room and parking facilities.

Eco-Friendly Notes

The Corps of Engineers has many eco-friendly initiatives which may be researched on the various Corps websites.

Hints and Tips for Fishing this Area

Local fishermen prefer the south side of the waterway for flathead and channel catfish. Many people use long casting poles to place weighted bait on the bottom, with the poles supported by purchased or improvised rod holders. Not a good idea to lay the rod down on the ground...sometimes ole whiskers will drag one off into the waterway.

Live bait can be purchased at a quick-stop gas station just a half-mile north of the bridge. They also have a good selection of food, beverages, and non-ethanol gasoline.

Boaters are advised that long barges traverse the area several times a day. They have the right-of-way and, in any event, they cannot stop quickly, so if you see them coming, pull well clear of the channel. Fish do not seem to pay any attention to them.

The current in the Tenn-Tom changes from time to time with the opening of the power generation gates at Pickwick Dam or the opening of the Tenn-Tom locks to the South. Either way, it seems to stimulate fish activity at times.

Hwo to Get There

From US Hwy 72, take the Iuka exit and proceed North on Hwy 25 for approximately 10 miles.

From Pickwick Dam, take Hwy 57/Hwy 25 South for approximately 5 miles.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs under control ...on a leash if other visitors are present please.

Rules and Regulations for Fishing Area

The Scruggs Bridge Fishing and Picnic area is maintained by the Corps of Engineers, who built the Tenn-Tom Waterway. A daily fee is charged for parking and boat launch at the north side area, currently $5 or annual pass for $40. No fee is charged for the south side area, which is more amenable to shore-line fishing and picnics.

Current information may be found online or by calling the Bay Springs office of the Corps.

Fishing regulations are enforced by the state of Mississippi.

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