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Rock 'N Refuge

Bed and Breakfast

Family farm with several options in lodging including a treehouse, Hobbit House, cabin and huge family space.

Treehouse – Catie Haensler

Bed and Breakfast Style

Rock ‘N Refuge is a family owned and operated beef farm and vacation rental destination. My father bought the property in 2010 so my mother could have a place to keep a few horses and the family had a place to go play for the weekends. Mom also saw this land as a place where people could come find refuge from their troubles and everyday lives.
David and I moved out here to get the farm on its feet. Not knowing what was in store for us. My parents, my siblings, and cousins and all of our spouses and children spend weekends and holidays out at the farm together. So my dad decided to build the Honeymoon Cabin so one family had a place to stay. The Honeymoon Cabin is a log cabin kit bought from Pioneer Log Systems in Kingston Springs, TN. They send out a crew to put the building together and David finished and decorated the entire interior.
Then dad decided that wasn’t quite big enough and while he was building the horse barn for my mom, he decided a living space above it would be great for the family. Hence, the Barn was born. A big space where we can all gather, sleep and eat. The Barn was built by a local Mennonite family. The Miller’s in Lobelville, Tn. Again, they did all the exterior, floors and walls and David was able to finish up the bathrooms, bedrooms and decorating.
In 2014 we heard about, a vacation rental website that might help us earn a bit of extra money while these two beautiful buildings were sitting empty for weeks at a time. So we put the Honeymoon Cabin on and just a few short hours after it was up we got our first booking. It became so busy, I quit my job in Nashville and started working for the farm full time, while staying at home with our children.
The Honeymoon Cabin did so well on that my dad decided another unique building would fun to share with the world. So the birth of Serenity House the treehouse came forth. Luckily we had great builders and friends who could help us decide how to do the perfect treehouse, so Don Madill and his son’s and their crew built it in about 8 months. Again, David did the interior and decorating.
In 2017, Serenity House did so well, dad thought it was time to build another one! This time he would do something even more special than the last. A Hobbit Hole! So, Wee Nook was added to the property and finished in April 2018. Again, Don Madill and his son’s were able to design and build this structure for us and David was able to finish up the interior.
We’re happy to share our farm with anyone willing to travel and escape their everyday lives to find REFUGE! I guess my mom’s original idea for this property has come true.
~Thanks for taking the time to read about us and what we are here for! We hope you come out for a stay! -Catie

Farm Rules:
No smoking inside.
No unattended children by or around the pond.
All children must wear flotation devices if they have never had swim lessons.
No climbing or riding on farm equipment (tractors, ATV's, etc)
No riding horses.
No glass [bottles] around pond or children's play areas. (swings, tree house)
Guests may fish in the pond but it is CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY!

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

Meet your hosts!

Catie and Clyde, Maggie Jane and David. We live on the property full time. David is farmer, caretaker, craftsmen and designer. I am mom and property manager. If you’ve communicated with Rock ‘N Refuge you’ve been communicating with me (Catie)!

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our property and hopefully coming to stay at one of our unique vacation rentals! Please find us on Airbnb to book!


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