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Rattlesnake Saloon

Glenn Wheeler

Rattlesnake Saloon is a unique eatery nestled beneath a natural stone bluff that once sheltered Native Americans. Known as the watering hole under the rock, this is a place the whole family can come relax and enjoy connecting to local history. Along with an economical menu, the restaurants offers live local music, and after 5 p.m., beer is available. For more information, visit

Visitors to the Rattlesnake Saloon can plan an overnight trip and choose from cabins or a renovated grain silo, which are the perfect accommodation for groups of up to eight people, located nearby.

Locally or Family Owned Business Notes

The land has been in the family since 1935 when Owen Foster, bought a 6000 acre plot of land for 25 cents an acre. ‘Plain’ Owen used the land mainly for farming and timber. His son William Owen Foster, better known as ‘Chicken Owen’, later used the shelter that is now the Rattlesnake Saloon as a hog pen. The 33 foot hole that now runs all the cables/power/electricity to the Saloon was drilled through the rock by him originally as way to feed the hogs without traveling around the then undrivable bluff.

After years of working the land, Owen Daniel Foster Sr had a new vision for the land and created the Seven Springs Lodge. ‘Danny’ wanted a place that catered to hunting, but has since opened the land to trail riding, atv and motorcycle events, chuckwagon races and even SHiFT Design Camp.

Danny Foster and his youngest son, William Gordon Foster, soon realized that the logical companion to a Lodge is a Saloon. Their initial idea quickly grew from a watering hole with gravel base and a feed trough, to a lean-to shanty before finally settling on the current design. During construction some workers found a rattlesnake den a distance off from the shelter with a mother snake and twelve little ones which inspired our family to name it the Rattlesnake Saloon.

The Saloon took just 49 days to construct before opening on Labor Day weekend in 2009. Since opening it has been featured in magazines, music videos, and tv shows and has become one of the top attraction in the area. So far our guestbooks show visitors from all 50 states and over 30 other countries have stopped at the Saloon.


Open February through November Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 11:00am-10:00pm Sundays (April-September) 11:00am - 3:00pm closed most major holidays

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Open February through November


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