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Laurel Snow State Natural Area

Wildlife Viewing Area
state of Tennessee

Laurel-Snow is a 2,259-acre natural area located in Rhea County. The natural area occurs on the Walden Ridge of the Cumberland Plateau and contains a section of gorge that is deeply dissected by Morgan, Henderson, Laurel, and Richland Creeks. The site is named after two scenic waterfalls, Laurel Falls (80 feet) and Snow Falls (35 feet), and features two prominent overlooks, Buzzard Point and Bryan Overlook (also known as Raven Point).

The natural area also has scenic creeks, steep gorges, geologic features, a small stand of virgin timber, and a wide variety of plants. Buzzard Point and toSnowFallscan be hiked to by following the trail as it forks to the left going west. The trail to the right leads to Raven Point, which overlooks Laurel Snow. The trail eventually climbs to the top of the falls. The distance for both trails is about 10.5 round trip.

Laurel-Snow State Natural Area is managed by the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail, and the area includes trailhead parking and an open section of the Cumberland Trail. Backcountry camping is available by permit only call 423-566-2229 or go to about camping opportunities or to learn more about things to do nearby.

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How to Get There

Laurel-Snow is located north of Dayton and is accessible via Highway 27/29. From the north turn right, and from the south turn left, onto Walnut Grove Road north of Dayton (new Eckerd Drug on corner). Proceed 3/4 of a mile to Back Valley Road (pass La-Z-Boy factory) and turn left. On Back Valley Road, proceed 0.7 miles to an unmarked gravel road/Richland Creek Road (small white church on the left) and turn right. Proceed about 1 mile to the parking area at the end of Richland Creek Road.

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