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Grand Rivers "Most Beautiful Small Town" in Kentucky

Town or Rural Area

Grand Rivers, Kentucky was named the "Most Beautiful Small Town" in 2020 by House Beautiful magazine. had this to say about Grand Rivers and the House Beautiful article.

Kentucky is a beautiful state made up of countless scenic towns and cities. To name the most beautiful of these places is like naming a favorite child, but that doesn’t mean others don’t try to do it. The magazine House Beautiful recently gave its input and named Grand Rivers the most beautiful town in Kentucky. It’s impossible to deny the beauty of this lakefront town that offers waterfront views, a charming lighthouse, restaurants, overnight accommodations, and much more. Take a closer look at this waterfront small town in Kentucky that is most definitely beautiful.

The scenic waterfront town of Grand Rivers sits along Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, making it a popular summertime destination in the Bluegrass.

You truly feel away from it all in this town that combines southern charm and hospitality with unmatched natural beauty. Add in great restaurants, marinas, campgrounds, and more, and you can see why Grand Rivers has gained national attention.

You may not expect to find a lighthouse in Kentucky, and yet you’ll find one in Grand Rivers. You can follow a lovely walkway to reach it, and then walk along the lake for even more views of the lighthouse and water. And speaking of the water, Grand Rivers allows for great access to the lake, no matter how you wish to enjoy it.

You’ll want to spend more than a few hours in this beautiful town,and there are many options for a getaway.

Try a waterfront cabin from Green Turtle Bay Resort, or one of the other nearby cabins, campgrounds, or hotels.

And no matter the time of year, get out on that water. In the summer, these fun-filled boats that can be rented from Green Turtle Bay are ideal for hot days. Even in the winter, you can rent a boat and enjoy the water. Don’t forget your camera and be on the look out for bald eagles!

After so much time on and near the water, head into the charming town and pay a visit to Patti’s. Patti’s is like its own little town with shops and beautiful pathways, and of course make reservations for a meal at the newly rebuilt restaurant.

There are many restaurants and shops throughout Grand Rivers that add to the charm and local beauty of this must-visit waterfront small town in Kentucky.

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