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Georgia Winery

Winery or Winery Tasting Room

Come discover the surprisingly flavorful wines of the region's oldest and most celebrated winery… The Georgia Winery & Vineyards. Established in 1983, The Georgia Winery is the first of its kind in Georgia, serving as a pioneer in the farm winemaking industry, leading other vineyards and wineries that have opened across the state in recent years.

We are a family owned and operated facility producing award-winning fine wines. We specialize in capturing the fresh flavor of the fruit, resulting in our unique wines that explode with flavor and tantalize tastebuds across the nation.

We offer complimentary wine tasting of all of our wines at our elegant tasting bar. Enjoy our winery and warehouse tours. Shop our beautiful gift shop including unique gifts, gourmet foods, homemade fudge, assortments of chocolates and more.

Prepare your palate for a taste of Southern hospitality at its best. Our staff is dedicated to bringing you the ultimate wine experience. With over 20 different wines to choose from, ranging from dry to sweet, from light to full-bodied, we offer something for every discriminating taste. So bring your taste buds and come on in for a delightful visit with us. Our friendly faces are here to help you with your selections

Eco-Friendly Notes

Here at the Georgia Winery, we support the ideas behind organic agriculture, as well as operating as locally and sustainably, as well. When you make an effort to support local, organic, sustainable agriculture and businesses, you are directly contributing to building up the local economy, and you’re positively affecting the community in which you work or live.

We have had our organic certification at our farm since 2003, which really wasn’t a difficult choice for us to make. Muscadines are native to the Southeastern United States, and since they grow naturally in this area, they require little to no pesticides or herbicides to thrive as a crop. We’ve planted rows of Muscadine vines at our winery, too, which helps support the agriculture in the area as well as promote biodiversity.

At the vineyards, all of the organic “waste” (the stems, seeds, and skins of the grapes) from the wine press used to turn our Muscadines into juice is put back into the land as composted fertilizer. We also have a spring-fed pond that is used for irrigation on the vines.

Pet Friendly Notes

Our Founder

Once upon a time there was a heart doctor who was a "closet farmer" at heart. In the spring of 1982, longing to fulfill his dreams of cultivating the land, our founder, Dr. Maurice Rawlings, Sr., bought 52 serenly beautiful acres of land in the foothills of Lookout Mountain in the Northwest corner of Georgia.

Looking for a way to make the land productive, he contacted the local Agricultural Extension Service. To his dismay, he discovered that the land was unsuitable for farming. His advisors informed him that the land was only suitable for growing grapes. As Dr. Rawlings had always held a passion for fine wines, he was thrilled to hear that he could have his very own vineyard! He and his family planted the fruitful vines and rest, as they say, is history.

His granddaughter, Tara Taymore, now operates the winery after her mother Patty, retired. Tara works alongside her husband, Jesse. Adrian Prouty, Tara's brother works as the Vineyard Manager and also does the Saturday tours at the winery.


10:00-6:00 Monday- Saturday

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