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Friends of Land Between the Lakes

Land Between the Lakes staff

The Land Between The Lakes Association has works in partnership with the managing agency for the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area to provide program services, funds development and to help promote the wise and sustainable use of the Land Between the Lakes.


Friends of Land Between The Lakes presents a great variety of programs at the three interpretive facilities in the Land Between The Lakes, including:

The Homeplace
Our highly trained and qualified staff offers programs related to the 1850’s era in western Tennessee at The Homeplace. Sixteen authentic buildings are located at The Homeplace and provide a unique setting for visitors to learn about the agrarian lifestyle of the pre-Civil War period in what was formerly known as “between the rivers.”

Woodlands Nature Station
Woodlands Nature Station, at the center of the Woodlands Nature Watch Area, is the place to see live exhibits of wildlife native to the area. Deer, turkeys, an American Bald Eagle, coyotes and much more can be viewed in the backyard of the Woodlands Nature Station. Inside you will find reptiles such as snakes and turtles, an active bee hive and aquariums with native fish. Static exhibits educate you on the natural history of the Land Between The Lakes and surrounding area. Woodlands Nature Station is also the hub for several of our finest hiking trails. Nearby you will see the remnants of the Center Furnace; a relic of the iron industry that once flourished “between the rivers” and Hematite Lake offers outstanding opportunities for wildlife viewing while taking a leisurely hike around the lake.

Golden Pond Planetarium
The Golden Pond Planetarium is your gateway to the universe. Our programs deal with deep space exploration, how stars are formed, and the stars, planets and constellations viewable in tonight’s sky. We have programs that educate and entertain the very young and older audiences. The program schedule varies throughout the year, so check our schedule often. In addition to the daily programs, we offer other special events and activities such as Star Parties and laser light and music shows.

The Elk and Bison Prairie

The Elk & Bison Prairie offers a native grassland habitat common in Kentucky more than a century ago. Elk and bison roam free within this 700-acre enclosure. Visitors travel in their enclosed vehicle via a 3.5-mile paved loop road. Numerous other wildlife species also thrive in the prairie. Wild turkeys, a variety of birds, small game, butterflies, and prairie mammals find sanctuary in the Elk & Bison Prairie.

Environmental Education
A core element of the mission of Friends of Land Between The Lakes is to give every visitor we interact with an environmental education message. In order to accomplish this, we provide a variety of educational programs and activities at Land Between The Lakes. Many of these programs are designed to enhance the visitor’s appreciation of the value and importance of the environment to our past, present and future. Environmental Education is the underlying theme of all activities at LBL.

A common thread woven throughout the development of civilization is the dependence on the natural resources that nature provides to us. The understanding of the limitations and wise utilization of these resources is the focus of Environmental Education. Only with the knowledge of the interaction and dependence we have on the environment, will our world be able to continue to thrive and improve.

The School Field Trip Grant Program provides funding assistance for the costs of transportation, onsite program fees, and residential expenses at the Brandon Springs Group Camp.

Who can apply? K-12 classes in public school districts. 4th grade classes can get free admission to Homeplace and Nature Station when the students earn and present the 4th Grade Pass. (see 4th grade students are not eligible for the LBL School Grant Program but are eligible for free admission thru the 4th Grade Pass Program.

How Much? The amount awarded per student will be determined according to the evaluation matrix (see below) as a not to exceed amount. Criteria such as matching funds from applicant, total funds available in grant pool, frequency of visits by applicant, percent of free/reduced lunches and other factors may influence the final award.

1 day-use facility visit $3.00/ student max (NOTE CHANGE)
2 or more day-use facilities $6.00/student max
Brandon Springs Group Center $15.00/student/night max (NOTE CHANGE)

Who should complete the application? The teacher(s) responsible for planning and conducting the field trip should complete the application, please..

What is expected if you receive a grant? Complete your field trip as presented in your proposal. Submit a reimbursement request, copies of invoices and the evaluation form. ·

When will we receive funds or be reimbursed or what? This is no longer a reimbursement style grant. You will receive a credit to visit the facilities based upon the number of students who actual visit the actual number of day use facilities or BS. See the chart above as the numbers have been revised.

What else do I need to know? Free/reduced lunch figures reported must be certified by your school administration. Matching funding will increase your chances of receiving a grant.
Applications for the 2017/2018 School Year are due to be received at 345 Maintenance Road, Golden Pond, KY 42211 (attention Jim Taylor) on Friday April 28, 2017. If you have questions you may reach out to Jim Taylor at or call him at (270) 924-2091.

Remember that the Every Kid in a Park 4th Grade Pass is honored at Woodlands Nature Station and the Homeplace. Details: described here. Teachers must present the individual pass for each student at time of check in for free 4th grade free admission to apply. For more direct information you may view the Every Kid In A Park Program here. Availability of free access authority and transportation assistance funding is subject to change.

Good luck and if you have questions, contact Jim Taylor, Director of Operations at or 270-924-2091.

Each year volunteers contribute tens of thousands of hours of service to Land Between The Lakes. Volunteer activities range from trial maintenance and cleanup, to support of special events, monitoring the Elk & Bison Prairie, or assisting with administrative work. Volunteering is a great way to have a meaningful and rewarding experience in the great outdoors at Land Between The Lakes.
Friends of Land Between The Lakes’ Volunteer Coordinator works with volunteers, individually and in groups, to assure their volunteer experience meets their expectations.

Volunteer Impact
Over just the past five years, Friends of Land Between The Lakes organized and conducted volunteer activities for the general public which produced over 55,000 hours of donated service. The value of this donated service was in excess of $900,000. You can be a part of this wonderful program.

Our volunteers include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups and individuals from all across the country. We have over five different colleges whose students spend their fall or spring break volunteering at Land Between The Lakes. We have had numerous Eagle Scout projects conducted here. Groups of volunteers, as well as individuals, maintain over 75 miles of trails. During our National Public Lands Day and Shoreline Cleanup events volunteers remove over a ton of trash from Land Between The Lakes; almost 60% of which is recycled.

Friends of Land Between The Lakes’ volunteers work in the Elk & Bison Prairie to monitor the condition of the elk and bison, but also to educate and inform the visitors so they will have a safe, fun and educational experience.

As a volunteer, you will give your time and effort to Land Between The Lakes. In return you will receive a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have helped this marvelous place.

There are so many opportunities for service as a volunteer to give back to your public land. Call our Volunteer Coordinator and find your place of service TODAY!!! It is fun to volunteer at Land Between The Lakes.

How to Support

With your help and your gifts we will continue our tradition of service to hundreds of thousands of visitors to Land Between The Lakes each year.
Be a part of this wonderful service delivery organization.

Membership fees, gifts and other generated funds are used to assist schools and groups to bring children to experience Land Between The Lakes and its environmental education and other programs; establish and maintain our volunteer program, support the Information Services efforts at welcome stations and visitor centers, support special events, purchase materials and equipment needed for visitor services, and to acquire a variety of interpretive materials.

Become a Friend of Land Between The Lakes today!

Individual & Family MembershipsAs a member of Friends of Land Between The Lakes, you help provide environmental education, cultural history education, volunteer activities and much more to many thousands of visitors to Land Between The Lakes. Your membership helps make possible the work of our 17 interpretive staff that provides educational programs at The Woodlands Nature Station, The Homeplace and the Golden Pond Planetarium. Almost 100,000 visitors benefit from these programs each year.

Because of our members, we are able to give hundreds of thousands of visitors valuable information services at five information locations in Land Between The Lakes.

Friends of Land Between The Lakes partners with dedicated businesses and individuals to fund and administer the School Field Trip Grant Program which provides funding assistance to thousands of school children so they can participate in educational field trips to the Land Between The Lakes. Memberships underwrite the administrative costs for this program as 100% of the donated funds are used for grants.

Friends of Land Between The Lakes develops funding sources for projects which improve facilities and services for the benefit of visitors to the Land Between The Lakes. Your membership will help with these funds development efforts.

Friends of Land Between The Lakes organizes a variety of volunteer activities which engage hundreds of citizens to produce over 10,000 hours of volunteer service at Land Between The Lakes each year. Your membership will keep the volunteer program going.

As a member you will receive:

A membership card.
Window decal.
Discounted admission to the Golden Pond Planetarium
A 10% discount on purchases in our gift shops.
Our newsletter and the Land Between The Lakes, Calendar of Events.
Invitations to special member only activities.
The satisfaction of knowing you are helping the Land between The Lakes to remain one of the nation’s top destinations for outdoor education, volunteerism and recreation.
$35/year – Individual Membership

$50/year – Family Membership

Business MembershipsFriends of Land Between The Lakes is very fortunate to have an extensive group of Business Partners who support us in fulfilling our mission at the Land between The Lakes. Businesses can partner with us at several levels.

Business Partner Level IBusiness Partner Level 2Business Partner Level 3Oak Leaf PartnerEagle Partner

As a Level I Business Partner, you receive a decal, newsletter, calendar of events; name listed in the newsletter, annual report, and on our website. Your business name will also be displayed in a public area (unless otherwise requested).

You will also receive:

Certificate of membership
10 complementary admissions to the Golden Pond Planetarium

Honor & RemembranceWe thank those who have honored or memorialized a family member, loved one, friend or colleague with a donation to Friends of Land Between The Lakes and join you in your appreciation of these individuals. These donations demonstrate a love of LBL and Friends of Land Between The Lakes by both the honoree(s) and the donor(s).

If you would like to honor or memorialize a loved one, friend or colleague, or someone on this list; send a contribution of any amount to:

Friends of Land Between The Lakes
345 Maintenance Road
Golden Pond, KY 42211

Indicate the name of the person being honored/memorialized as you would like it to appear on this page. Also, include contact information for those to whom we should acknowledge receipt of you honor or memorial donation.

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