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Fort Loudoun State Historic Park

Historic Site or Trail

Today at Fort Loudoun State Historic Park you can visit a replica of the 18th Century British fort that stood very near this site in the mid-1700's. Enjoy scheduled reenactments on Garrison Weekends, tour the ruins of the Tellico Blockhouse, or have a picnic at the park. Situated on the banks of Lake Tellico, the park offers fishing, swimming, and hiking trails in addition to the events at the Fort. Be sure to join us for the 18th Century Trade Faire on the weekend following Labor Day.

During the French and Indian War (1754-1763) the British Colony of South Carolina felt threatened by French activities in the Mississippi Valley. To counter this threat, the Colony sent the Independent Company of South Carolina to construct and garrison what became Fort Loudoun. This move helped to ally the Overhill Cherokee Nation in the fight against the French and guaranteed the trade would continue between the Cherokee and South Carolina.

The Tellico Blockhouse was a United States fortification used officially from 1794 through 1807. The site functioned in some smaller capacity through December 1811. The Tellico Blockhouse served as a check against white encroachment as those of European decent were required to have written passes from the commander of the Blockhouse before entering deeper into Cherokee land. This site was also home to the Tellico Factory, part of Henry Knox’s civilizing policy and its aim of teaching modern methods of agriculture and industry to the American Indian.


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