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Enterprise South Nature Park

Town or County Park
Young Explorers – Andrea Jackson

ADA Accessibility Notes

There is a .7 mile ADA accessible trail, ADA accessible restrooms in the park and in the Visitor Center as well as an ADA accessible picnic area.

There are views of Lookout, Signal, Elder, and Mowbray Mountains as well as the new Volkswagen Assembly Plant and downtown Chattanooga from the park's Scenic Overlook and of White Oak Mountain from Still Hollow Loop (the perimeter driving loop). There are 100 concrete TNT storage magazines remaining from the days the park was a part of a U.S. Army munitions manufacturing facility.

2800 acres of heavily wooded, hilly terrain with turkey, deer, hawks, coyote, raccons and various reptiles. The 2800 acres is a natural forest kept untouched except for the trails, picnic areas and restrooms throughout the park.

The park is heavily used by walkers and bike riders but the layout of the trail system makes the user feel as if he is alone in the environment.

How to Get There

The park can be reached from Interstate 75 by taking Exit 9 to Volkswagen Drive or from Bonny Oaks Drive onto Volkswagen Drive to the park entrance.

Pet Friendly Notes

The park allows pets on all trails with the restriction that the pets must be on leash.

Recreational Opportunities

Walking and running on the mulched and paved trails goes on all year round as does biking on the paved trails and on the mountain bike trails. There are seasonal environmental classes presented by various schools and organizations.

Walking, hiking, biking and mountain biking are the main activities in the park. There are 6 miles of paved pedestrian/bike trails, 5 miles of mulched walking trails, 10 miles of single track mountain bike trails, 1/4 mile mulched kids trail and .7 mile ADA accessible trail.

The park is designated for passive recreation but there are numerous spots to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.


Seasons Accessible

The park is open from 7:00 AM until sunset every day of the year.

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