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Chapel on the Hill

Religious Structure
The Chapel on the Hill, a historic church dating back to the Manhattan Project days – Murray Lee, TN State Photo Services

The Chapel on the Hill was the central church of Oak Ridge during World War II. This small chapel was shared at different times by various denominations including Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant congregations. Theaters were also used for church services.

The chapel got its name when it was referred to during a prayer by the First Baptist Church of Knoxville’s pastor in a prayer during the dedication ceremonies September 30, 1943. The building design is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “700 Series” chapel.

The United Church Chapel on the Hill was incorporated in 1951 and still holds services. Chapel on the Hill was the only place of worship available to the 75,000 people who were assigned to work on the Manhattan Project. Services were held back to back on Sunday and represented all faiths.

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