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Bird House Building at J.P.Coleman State Park

Community Involvement
10 year old birdhouse ready for rehab. – James Gibson

How to Get There

From US Hwy 72, take Iuka exit

Proceed North on Hwy 25 approximately 5 miles to J.P.Coleman Park exit on the right.

Follow the signs to J.P.Coleman State Park.

How to Participate

10 am to 12 pm

Go to the Park Office ..

For more information call 662-423-6515

What You Can Do

FREE event for children of all ages.

Supplies provided to build and paint your own birdhouse.

Sign your name on your birdhouse and put it up at the park or take it home with you.

The attached picture is a bird house built in a previous year. It has been graced by the presence of nesting Bluebirds for nine consecutive years, with successful fledging of two or three broods every summer. People living near the box have enjoyed watching the activity at the house and they have also enjoyed the cheerful singing by "mom and dad" as they warn other birds to stay away from the nursery. The house is cleaned out every Valentine's Day to prepare for the "scouts" that will soon appear to inspect. Several times in the spring, the "scouts" discovered interlopers ... tiny flying squirrels who spent the winter. After a short squabble, the flying squirrels depart for a quieter locale.

Bluebirds are very particular about their nesting site ... the floor and entrance hole dimensions have to be just so and the house needs to mounted about five and a half feet above ground, facing the North or Northwest. We put a backboard on this house to minimize damage to the tree.

This old house needs to be replaced. It is literally falling apart. We will build a new one this year and hope the birds like it. Keep your fingers crossed !

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