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3 Best Fishing Spots in the Tennessee Valley


There’s something for every fisher in the Tennessee Valley! Whether your trophy is bass, trout, or carp, we’ve got a lake for you. Here are the top 3.

One of the best things about fishing is how diverse it is. It’s got something for everyone, and there’s always a chance of reeling in a surprise at the end of your line!

The Tennessee River Valley, also known as the Great Lakes of the South, is a richly diverse fishing area. With 49 lakes in 7 states, it can be hard to pick the perfect fishing spot!

Here are our picks for the three best fishing spots in the Tennessee Valley. Whichever species you’re fishing for, you’ll find a variety in these lakes.

If you’re after something specific or looking for a lake closer by, there are still plenty of other lakes to choose from!

Fishing on Pickwick Lake – Photo provided by Alabama Mountain Lakes photographer Brad Wiegmann

Bass Fishing: Pickwick Lake

Pickwick lake is renowned for its freshwater fishing, especially the Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. These waters are also home to Sauger, Crappie, Catfish, Bluegill, Sunfish and other fish.

The best time to catch Largemouth Bass would be early spring. Anglers will find the Smallmouth Bass in the tailwater areas until after they’ve spawned, when the fish then move into the various rocky areas of the lake.

Anglers can take part in the upcoming Bass Tournament Series, which will be hosted at Pickwick Lake from June 10 to 13th, 2021.

To catch some of these trophy bass, anglers may want to use Ole Big spinnerbait, Powerbait Power Worm or the standard Texas-rigged worm.

Fly Fishing: South Holston Dam

Anglers are in for a treat, as South Holston Dam provides some of the best fly-fishing opportunities! Here anglers will be able to catch Trout that range from 12 to 20 inches and can weigh up to 28 pounds.

Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout have an abundance of food, as mayflies hatch for most of the entire fishing season. They also have plenty of blue-winged olives when they hatch. This means that anglers will have to be creative while creating very realistic imitations of flies.

It’s important to note that the Trout spawning sites are protected during the month of November through to February.

Bass Fishing: Kentucky Lake

Kentucky Lake is home to a variety of fish, with the Largemouth Bass being the dominant species of bass in these waters. Anglers will also be able to catch Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, Crappie and Sauger, to mention a few.

The warm waters of the lake provide anglers with fishing opportunities throughout the year, but April is one of the best months to catch trophy Largemouth Bass. Some of the best baits to use would be jigs, spinnerbaits with a willow-leaf blade combo and Texas rigs.


It’s not hard to find an amazing fishing spot in the Tennessee River Valley. If you don’t mind traveling a bit to catch the fish of your dreams, we highly recommend you fish on one of these three!

But anywhere you can get on the water and cast a line is a wonderful place to be. With 49 unique lakes, you’ll never be bored fishing in the Tennessee River Valley!

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